Smile Brilliant – Custom Teeth Whitening System & GIVEAWAY

I’m going to start with letting y’all know I’ve been on the hunt for a good teeth whitening product for a while. I use to smoke (I’ve since quit!), and I had braces for a few years. I’m also an avid coffee and tea drinker, which doesn’t help me at all.

I’ve tried whitening strips, and to be honest, they hurt like hell. They hurt from the moment I put them on my teeth. I could never keep them on for the recommended time, and always had really bad tooth sensitivity for days after wearing them.

I just about gave up, but was still hoping something would work for me before my wedding day!

Insert Smile Brilliant.

I was super hesitant because I was under the impression that the whitening gel can be worse than the strips I had used in the past. I was willing to give it a go though, and was put at ease when I found out they have a kit for people with sensitive teeth like me!

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About Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant was founded by Betty Shah, a 30+ year dental professional. She realized that the majority of the cost & time dedicated to whiter teeth revolved around the dentist office. She wanted to change that, and develop a system that put the patient in control.

They pride themselves in being a company that can offer teeth whitening products to everyone. You take your own dental  impressions, send them in, and get custom fitted whitening trays sent to your doorstep.

They provide you with step by step instructions, and the ability to reach out and ask questions if you need to.

The kits the offer range from $129-$179. They offer plenty of options, and their system is priced way bellow what my dentist was charging. A similar system from my dentist’s office was going to cost me around $400, plus the cost of a customer tray. I have retainers I could use, so they were going to let me slide without getting impressions done. Still…$400!?!

My Experience

I want to make sure I touch base on everything, and really walk you through my entire experience with Smile Brilliant.

First off, their customer service is top-notch. Every time I reached out, I received a response within 24 hours. I’m not sure if that’s normal, but I was pretty impressed to say the least. The questions I had were about the impressions I took. I wanted to make sure they were correct before sending them in because they give you two sets of molding material just in case you make a mistake!

I sent my molds in, and within 14 days, I got the custom trays in my mailbox! My initial package contained all the instructions I needed to get started, so I was able to jump right in.

Each vial of whitening gel and desensitizing gel (optional…but I recomend if you have any type of sensitivity!) will last 3 – 4 applications. I was able to make it last 4 applications, which made me super happy! More whitening sessions for me!

I experienced a little sensitivity, I’m not going to lie. It wasn’t anywhere as bad as I thought it would be, and nothing like I experienced with the white strips I’ve used in the past. It honestly didn’t last long, and I think I got use to it after my 3rd or 4th session. It’s completely normal to experience some sensitivity while whitening. The desensitizing gel is amazing, and can really help if you have sensitive teeth like me. When I used the whitening strips, I couldn’t drink anything cold or eat anything cold for a day or two after. It even hurt to chew! I didn’t experience that type of pain with Smile Brilliant at all, and I’m really glad they make a desensitizing gel for those who need it! I whitened at night and made sure I did so after dinner. I started with 45 minutes, and then worked myself up to about an hour with the whitening gel. After I was done with that, I would do a 20 minute session with the desensitizing gel. I’d go to sleep and wake up with slightly whiter teeth and no sensitivity at all!

My Results


My after picture was taken after my 7th session. I’m not done using Smile Brilliant, and I honestly think this will be my go to whitening system from now on. I’m extremely happy with my results in such a short amount of time!



My Final Thoughts

I’ll be totally honest, I’m blown away by my results! I’ve always been super self conscious about my teeth, and now I feel comfortable showing off my smile! I’d highly recommend this system to anyone and everyone looking to whiten their teeth. It’s easy, affordable, and you can whiten from the comfort of your own home.

You can save 10% off your purchase by using the promo code “LovingBeautyAndLife”



Enter here for your chance to win $139 credit awards you very own in home teeth whitening kit! The winner will be selected and contacted via email in 2 weeks. Giveaway  is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.


Disclaimer – I received this amazing Smile Brilliant kit for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions will always be 100% my own.


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